Ege University Ödemiş Vocational School started educational activities in 1994-1995 educational year  with three programs as “Arboriculture”,  “ Vegetable Production”, “Management Organization” and “Farm Management”. Then, our vocational school increased the number of programs to five with “Animal Fattening” and “ Seed Production” programs, in 1995-1996 and 1996-1997 educational years. In 2003-2004 educational year, “ Management Organization” and  “Farm Management” programs had been named “ Agricultural Management”, but this program closed in 2008-2009 educational year. However, in the same year a new program that “Organic Agriculture” was opened and the number of program didn’t change. Before the start of 2009-2010 educational year, the name of program “Animal Fattening” was changed with “Cattle and Small Animal Husbandry” and the name of program “Arboriculture” was changed with “Horticulture”   with the Council of Higher Education’s decision. Because of “Horticulture” program includes vegetable production lessons, “Vegetable Production” program was closed in 2009-2010 educational year. In 2010-2011 educational year, “ Milk and Dairy Products Technology” program was opened. “Cattle and Small Animal Husbandry” program’s name was changed with “Dairy and Beef Cattle Husbandry” with the decision of Council of Higher Education, in 2012-2013 educational year. In 2012-2013 educational year “Medicinal and Aromatic Plants” program was opened. In 2016-2017 educational year, “ Laboratory and Veterinary Health” program was opened and accepted students, with Council of Higher Education’s decision. “Seed Production” program’s name was changed with “Seed Technology” for 2017-2018 educational years with a decision of Council of Higher Education. Currently,  our Vocational School is continues educational activites with seven programs in 100% Turkish Language, “Organic  Agriculture”, “Horticulture”, “ Seed Technology”, “Milk and Dairy Products Technology”, “Dairy and Beef Cattle Husbandry”, “Medicinal and Aromatic Plants” and “ Laboratory and Veterinary Health”. “ Forestry and Forestry Products” program was opened with Council of Higher Education’ s decision in 18.11.2015 meeting and student accept studies for this program are ongoing.